Tuesday, May 20, 2008

inappropriate laughter. Something i have always struggled with. If something hurt my feelings, made me mad, shocked me... i'd laugh. & i still do.

So, here is an email i sent out to my family yesterday:

my sincere apologies to anyone i may have inadvertently offended with my issues with inappropriate laughter.
i got my dues today.
Joe (superstore) is having a 25% off sale on all their clothes. i needed a new swimsuit as i found out on Saturday that mine was completely shot in the bum (i wore it all during my pregnancy) & the bottoms no longer stay up!!!! (& we were swimming with Harv & Marion ~ Doh!!)
SO, i decided to try to find a swimsuit at Joe for 25% off. i found one i liked & went in the change room. i called Neil to come see & i opened the door & beckoned him in, but he wouldn't budge & told me to open the door farther... farther... farther... till i was standing in all my 3.5 months post partum glory in the fluorescent lights of the Superstore change room... & then the corners of his mouth started to twitch & he started giggling & then laughing (& denying he was laughing) & then ran away to "go look for something" claiming i "look great".
p.s. i bought the swimsuit. That'll teach him.


Jen said...

What a guy! That's hilarious. I'm sure you looked great!

Melissa said...

Can I come over and smack Neil for even remotely thinking that of you? Seriously - you look better a day post-partum than most of us look in our everyday lives... :) Good for you for buying that swimsuit. You're gorgeous.

Jamie said...

lol i bet it looks great!

Melissa said...

Anticipation? I didn't think guys usually giggled and walked away if they were anticipating something! :)

Yer sis is funny...

Shari said...

That is simply hilarious and cute. I wouldn't feel at all offended at that comment and besides, like you said, you bought the bathing suit....hehe!


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