Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cai's 11... *eleven*... a young lady...
i remember when her legs were about as big around as a loonie. & her teeny feet were the same size as Neil's big toes. i remember her teeny head covered with downy fuzz & her sweet fingers reaching up to me.
Now, she's funny, smart & capable. Her legs are still skinny, but they're strong. Her hair is all grown out from the buzz cut she got last summer... but she still reaches out to me.
Neil got up at 4 'cause he had to catch a flight to Kansas today. & when i started rolling around, the baby in me woke up too & started doing gymnastics & i realized that 11 years ago at that moment, i was birthing my first daughter. What a neat moment. i can't wait to meet this little one growing & stretching in me.
Happy birthday little Cai.


6strong said...

Tell Cairo happy birthday from the Lockhart/Eastwood clan!!!

Melissa said...

Paige - I *love* your style of writing!! You are just so transparent, and I love it! What a sweet moment you described...

Happy birthday, Cairo! :)


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