Thursday, October 18, 2007

Strange... if you look at my post from Oct. 5th.
i had a really busy day today & just opened up the paper tonight... & there was a big headline on pg A10 of the National Post, "Woman killed for refusing to have abortion".
Yes, it's a different woman than the one i wrote about on Oct 5th... i'll say it again... having abortion as an alternative is not good for women... i have my doubts as to how many women are choosing abortions while chanting, "My body, My choice" & how many are dragged there kicking and screaming by abusive husbands, boyfriends or fathers... hmmmmm...
We need to change our mindset about abortions. It's not an easy solution to a messy problem. It's a horrible, outrageous, hideous solution to what might feel to some as a dead end ~ but it's not.
i know i've not been in the same situation as many of these women, but i have been an unmarried, pregnant teen. My little girl has been the biggest blessing in my life. God used my pregnancy to bring sin to light, to bring *truth* into my life, and to bless me and her papa beyond what we've ever deserved.
God gives life, God takes life. Let's let Him be the only one.



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