Friday, October 26, 2007

The National Post is running a series on "Fixing Canada" & today's writer, Michael Coren, chose abortion & Canada's lack of *any* abortion law as his topic. Bah, i just tried to find a link to his article & i can't. It was so good that i'd love any of you who are interested to read it for yourselves. When i mention to people that there are no abortion laws in Canada, a lot of people are a little surprised. With 3D image ultrasounds & preemies with as little as 21 weeks in the womb surviving, we all know what's growing in there ~ & to have no protection from Canada's laws whatsoever, at *any* point in pregnancy seems, to most Canadians, a little crazy.
In his article, Michael Coren touched on this topic, among many others, such as the "pre-birth genocide" happening in our country, (and countries around the world) with babies diagnosed in utero with Downs Syndrome. He also talked about the distinctiveness of each little life from the moment of conception (babe has it's own distinct DNA ~ babe *is* it's own unique little person) & how level of dependence shouldn't be a factor in whether or not a baby has a right to life (he compared babies in the womb to a newborn baby ~ still dependent ~ or to the seriously ill and the aged ~ who in my opinion are also under attack in this country).
He wrote a beautiful, compelling argument that is worth the read. He had one sentence in there that i think is worth sharing, "We have allowed the cult of the self to blind our vision of what is good and bad, right and wrong." i was reading Lisa's blog the other day & she was talking about making decisions & knowing what God was expecting of us... This sentence exposes exactly what our problem is. We're relying on our own understanding to make laws to govern ourselves, instead of relying on our Heavenly Father for His understanding. There's something to be said for spending time with Him, making His priorities our own & allowing ourselves to be used for His purposes.
Father, make me yours. Keep me in the palm of your hand & help me to choose what is good & right. Break down the parts of me that are blind to truth ~ & give me vision & wisdom.

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kesmom said...

That sentence is SO exactly true.
I'll look for the article.



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