Wednesday, October 24, 2007

i felt discouraged today.
So lame ~ just a series of little teeny snippets in life (i won't bore you with recounting them... )kinda made me lonesome for a kindred spirit. ~ (All these mama's lamenting their task of mothering) ~ made me wish someone would say, "jeepers, aren't we lucky?"
& then Charter came home. hehe.
He had made 3 pictures "of art" in school. i was in all three. He said, "see, mom? That's you 'cause you have a big fat tummy. i told all my friends that my mom's having a new baby & they all said, 'really? That's AWEsome.' " (you have to know Charter to imagine how he says that word. It's priceless).
& i thought it's funny ~ sometimes children see the plainest truths that adults are blind to. It *is* AWEsome. i'm so excited, i'm giddy. i'm blessed immeasurably by this little life ~ (& the other little lives God entrusted to our home). When Charter gets home from his 3 hour stint at kindergarten, i inhale that boy. i can't wait 'till he's enrolled in our little home school in grade 1 (tho, i don't regret giving him the choice to go to K. i love watching my little prince enjoying his year as king of his all boy bus stop.)
What we do as stay at home & home school moms is *hard*. There's no other way around that. We're busy & emotional & often times with our growing broods, we're hormonal & exhausted, but what we're doing has *value* & i'm convinced that my little offering will be taken and multiplied by my Father who sees my efforts to tend to those He's entrusted to my care.


kesmom said...

Awww Paige. You are such an amazing mom :) I think so many people are burdened by society and 'that' view towards kids that it just really rubs off. I hate that it seems to be against the norm to *love* our children so completely.

mamalena said...

HAHAHA.. Of course I know exactly how Charter would express the word AWWWWsome...makes me smile...


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