Friday, April 4, 2014

5 minute Friday - Writer

Sloan is participating in 5 minute Fridays, hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker, so I decided to join her today. 5 minutes is just a teeny tiny snippet of time.  Today's word was *writer*.


i never thought of myself as a "real" writer.
i had a blog and i loved the idea of capturing - like a photograph of words - parts of my life, their childhoods, our marriage. 
But then one day, i decided i wanted to write a book. i wanted to capture - for my little ones, and their little ones - some of my thoughts on prolife. And so, i stumblingly found a story line that i could use as a vehicle for these ideas, (borrowed generously from my life and anything, everything i could see around me) - and i started to write. Shoving those words aboard, creating space for ideas, for story, for characters that i want to remember from my real life, melted together and poured into new molds. 
Just a little book came out of this exercise. 
It's not fancy - it's self published, and is so sparingly edited that there remain typos and errors that i'll not likely ever go back to change. i sold a few copies and i still have a couple on my shelf... 
But i have them - those thousands of words bent and sprinkled and sometimes forced and awkward - on pages of paper that represent my heart for life - for the unborn and the born - for the dying, the unwanted, the unplanned. 
And i'm shy of it's lack of greatness. It makes me feel a little odd to put out there something that has probably been said in a million (better) ways. My book is a pretty humble little offering - created out of time stolen from dishes and laundry - from a woman who was (and remains) a sleep deprived stay at home mama, wife to a travelling man. 
It's not amazing or great. 
But it's written... 
So, this morning, when i saw the word was "writer"- honestly? i felt a little shame, thinking of that little blue, self-published book.... 
But what silly pride to let my own smallness take away my voice. 
i'm a writer.



David Ozab said...

There's this short quiz that's made the rounds on Facebook. It's a one-question test to see if you're a writer. "Do you write?" If you answer "yes" then you're a writer. Keep it up!

Joy said...

And such a wonderful book it is too!

Hope you keep writing ~ here and elsewhere.

Mindy said...

What Joy said!

I love your book.

Mindy said...
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