Friday, April 11, 2014


Sloan is participating in 5 minute Fridays, hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker, so I decided to join her today. 5 minutes is just a teeny tiny snippet of time.  Today's word was *paint*.


Paint - Go

I had a dream. I often dream, but the other night I had kind of a strange dream about a painting. It was a children's painting on black paper. Colorful smears were all across the page and the colour blocked out the black of the back ground. There was a sky and streaks across it that were meant to be birds, and water and the sand of a shore.

I was in the painting.

Sometimes when I would move, it would crack the paint that had hardened to provide the colour - and sometimes the cracked paint would chip, and come off the painting and all that would be left would be the black of the background. It was dissatisfying to have every mistake expose the fragility of the colour... and the darkness of the background.
Suddenly I moved backwards, out of the painting - (so hard to explain a dream in words) - but in that moment, I was no longer in and a part of the painting, I was in front of it, looking at it as it crumpled and fell to the ground. The imitator made way for the imitated, and the gentle watercolour of a real sea sky filled my eyes with reality rather than the thick plastic texture of children's paint. The birds moved across the sky, synchronized slivers gracefully balancing in the air that made the painted birds unrecognizable as any kind of reproduction of the original.
And my dream reminded me of heaven.

It's as though we see through clouded glass. (1 Corinthians 13:12)

It's almost as though we live in a children's painting. Gaudy colours slathered on black construction paper, echoing something that is yet to come.
Amen. Come, Lord Jesus. (Revelation 22:20)



Ava Sophie Word said...

Hi! I'm visiting from FMF. What an exiting dream you have! It made me think that We just see a little piece of all God sees in us, and for us. It made me Think that God is in control. That perhaps the painting you were in symbolizes the life before Jesus Christ, and when you step out of the image and see the reality it is somewhat like when we've gotten a new identity in Christ.

It is not my intention to analyze your dream. It's just that you described this dream so vividly, it sparked my imagination ;-)
Well written!
-Ava Sophie

Rachel said...

What a powerful dream - and so hauntingly shared! It reminds me of Ezekiel, prophesying to dry bones. The Resurrection's coming... :) God Bless.

Kelly Blackwell @ Heres My Take On It said...

Very compelling dream. It is all so much better with our Lord. I love the way you shared Paint today. Dropping by from FMF. Have a wonderful weekend.


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