Friday, May 18, 2012

7 quick takes - mama i'm coming home edition

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 172)

seven ways it's better when he's here:

1. i'm a different girl.  i'm more confident & carefree when he's home.  Personal growth stinks sometimes... i'd sometimes choose not to grow, but to just have him close.  (i can grow when he's here too, can't i God?)  Ok, i'd probably always choose that... but that's why it's cool that i have no choice. (Working on a blogpost on that for next week...)

2. i go to bed at a reasonable time when he's here.  When he's gone, i stay up way too late *thinking*.  Wrong choice.  Sleep rules.  i need more of it. 

3. He brings the fun.  He initiates every trip we ever go on, he is the one who plays hardest in the swimming pool & he's the one who takes them skiing. 

4.  We're way less likely to get outta control when the noise police is in town.  He's also the tidy police & the "GET IN BED IT'S WAY PAST YOUR BEDTIME" police.  Sometimes it's nice to have the po-po in town - order in chaos?  Underrated. 

5.  He's warm.  i use him to regulate my temperature.  To be fair, i cool him off with my ice cube feet - so we're probably even on that score, right? 

6.  i shower way less frequently when he's out of town.  i'm cool with that, but the rest of my family might appreciate the personal hygiene that i choose to initiate when papa's around. 

7.  i like him.  He smells good.  He's nice to look at.

ps - looking for coming home theme songs... :)  Got any suggestions?  It's kind of fun to blast coming home songs at the end of the travelling week... (& i think i can do better than the Ozzy Osbourne song i referred to in the title... it's a little depressing :) even though i secretly love it because Neil will sometimes call & sing, "Cause mama, mama i'm comin' hoooommee..."


Angela Nivens Rose said...
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farm_girl_4_jesus said...

Try 'Going home' by rapture ruckus. A fun band from New Zealand we like to party to sometimes :)

farm_girl_4_jesus said...

You could also try this:

paige said...

woo hoo, Em! Just what i'm looking for :) i'll have to start a new playlist on my ipod :)


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