Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maybe you remember awhile ago, i posted about Gage having metatarsus adductus. We've been on a waitlist to get him into a pediatric orthopedic surgeon to see if he needs any treatment for his crooked foot. We've been waiting for around 4mos & we finally got a date of Nov 12th. i'm glad we finally have a date to look forward to 'cause i recently noticed that his crooked foot seems to be quite a bit smaller than his other foot... (when i notice these things, i can't figure out how i didn't see them before...)
Anyway ~ i hope it's just smaller because it's crooked & that "all shall be well & all shall be well & all manner of things shall be well" (julian of norwich?)
p.s. i love how in every picture of me at home i'm wearing my pj's. Sheesh, i need to get presentable every once in awhile... At least you can't see the rest of me...

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Melissa said...

Oh - wow - that's very interesting that his feet are different sizes! I'll make sure I put Gagey on my calendar for November 12th!

Didn't even notice the jammies...


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