Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Big Thing

Ever think of your life, or your year in terms of "the big thing"?
i do.
When i'm pregnant, or have a new teeny baby, *that's* the 'big thing'. If we're moving, or Neil's changing jobs, that's 'the big thing'. All else is pushed to the side & we minimize anything else & focus ourselves on it. This year, the big thing is...

*drum roll*

The Bow Valley Fiddlers.
i know... i know... what are the Bow Valley Fiddlers??!!
i mentioned in passing in my homeschool post about Cai auditioning & getting in... but i think every day, i'm realizing what a big committment we've made; financial, time, driving, practicing... i don't know that our 'big thing' has ever been something that *one child* is passionate about. i know, they all play fiddle, but this will be all about Cai & her giftings. She'll have weekly practices at Mount Royal, & bi-weekly "coaching sessions", plus she's expected to "continue" (read: start) taking private lessons in classical. She auditioned, so they know how little training she has, but i think with a lot of hard work, she'll catch up to the other kids. (i was told the other kids are playing at a grade 4-6 level).
So, there goes all my homeschool funding for this year... and my Wednesday nights, Tuesday afternoons, and any spare practice time we can find...
i'm hoping we're doing the right thing...
& it hasn't even started yet.
My mom & sisters are encouraging me to *dive into* a year of fiddle. ~ Really commit & make the most of this little opportunity that has presented itself. That's what i'm gonna try to do.


Anonymous said...

I sooo don't think you will regret it at all! Besides, how often do the kids get to be part of "the big thing"??? other than being born, and they don't really appreciate all the attention then so much! hehe
I hope they have a performance or something I can come see!! I love fiddle music!

mamalena said...

YEE HAW!!! Fiddling is BIG! Way to go Cairo! Cairo is not that big in size, but she's huge in any of the ways that matter. I can hardly wait to hear more and I want to come to the first concert.


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