Saturday, September 20, 2008

literally counting my blessings:

i'm finding that now that G is over 20lbs, he's really hard to carry around for hours at a time... i love having him close like that tho... so i think i'm just gonna grow them muscles...

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Jen said...

Sweet picture...
Can't wait till I get my baby hawk. Probably would help if I ordered it. Did you look at the fabrics I picked?
Answering your questions from my blogs: Brennan measure 10 days small on the u/s and this babe is right on for dates so I'm thinking that's why I look about 2 weeks bigger....makes sense anyways.
And no I haven't got my ring yet. I have it in my head (it's pretty simple) but I just have to get get it done. I will definately send you a pic of it.


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