Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So, a friend came to see me today. We were supposed to go to the lake today, but it was so rainy, i emailed her & said 'c'mon over' instead. So, she came. She has 2 kiddos ~ one a boy who Charter thinks is the coolest ~ & despite being a couple of years older than Charter, plays so nicely with my little guy ~ & a teeny tiny little girl who is 3 and a half? months older than Gage & about 2 and a half pounds lighter.
Anyway, i decided if i vacuumed my stairs by the time she got here, i was *awesome* ~ so, i'm awesome! Ha! (i also did 4 loads of laundry & a miscellaneous list of chores that are always needing to get done, but it would be too tedious to type them out ~ but i digress...)
So, back to my friend. She arrived with a burst of *energy* through the door. She had brought a few tidbits from her pantry that she didn't think they'd use & thought we might, a birthday present for Charter, diapers for Gage, a teething soother for Gage, & was full of upbeat, positive conversation for an hour & a half & then was gone. She's always so well put-together & her house is so sweetly tended & immaculate & she's beyond creative in inventing new ways to be generous. She's a giver.
i love seeing how people 'wear' their Chrisitanity. i really believe that as we press into the Father, it will become more natural to choose to act like Him. My friend was such a great example to me today.

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