Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oh ~ summer has arrived. She was so shy, i thought she'd never come, but she's here & beautiful.

Today we went to the beach & got some sun. i'm lovin' family time lately. The kids are such a crazy wide age range ~ & there's always something interesting happening, or extra arms to hold the baby, or someone to visit with.

We sculpted the sand into a bumbo for Gage & put his towel over it so he wouldn't fall & he did great. (He's sitting up now (!) but he still topples when he's reaching for his little toes to chew on).

Oh! i was also going to update on his little foot. We had our ped appointment & all went well. The ped was excellent. He confirmed that Gage does have metatarsus adductus & likely will need some form of correction, but we'll need x-rays & to see an orthopedic surgeon before we know exactly what will happen. For now, we're doing stretches with his foot, trying to help it correct a little... we'll see.

My eyes are a little bleary from last night ~ Gage woke at 3am for the day... just visiting, cooing, squealing & wiggling. *Ahhhh* even the tough parts of this job ~ like being deprived of sleep ~ are sweet. Sometimes i wonder if this gratitude will wear off a little. Somehow, i doubt it.

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Melissa said...

Paige -

You look so *at peace*.


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