Tuesday, June 10, 2008

bahhhh... i haven't posted for 5 days... but it's *still* raining... i feel like it's been raining forever... & all i can think about are the mosquitoes.
i don't usually get blue, but i am.
i should probably just shut up when i feel like this, but...
i could tell you all about what's right with the world:
When Neil was gone, i was *spent* on Sunday, so when i got home from church, i crawled into bed ~ didn't make lunch or anything ~ just put on my jammies & climbed in with Gage & Cai. We watched "So You Think You Can Dance" (hee hee!!) & visited & played with the baby. During commercials, i went & made a lasagne (i already had the meat cooked in the fridge) & then at around 3 pm we had 'lupper' :) of lasagne, garlic buns & salad. That night, Cai crawled into bed with me again & we visited till way past her bedtime & i realized what great company she is. She's bright, cheerful, funny, insightful, kind & a kindred spirit.
Then, today, a rainy, cold, uninspiring day, Peyton found me on the couch nursing the baby & we worked on some of her school stuff that she's not done yet... It was so refreshing & fun to just work with her one on one & watch her breeze through the stuff that she just wasn't ready for a couple of months ago. Since it went so well, Charter came & found me with his reading (he's doing so well!) & then Sloanie, with her spelling... we ended up getting a lot done.
Even little mollen got a little 'mom & me' time ~ dragged her blanket down & put it over our knees for a little snuggle time.
Tonight, i *finally* made Charter's birthday cake & he asked what was to drink & i said, "water" & he said, "OH, GREAT, MOM!! I LOVE WATER!!" (yes, he does talk all in caps...)
So, why am i blue...
i dunno...
Maybe it's the rain, the price of gas & the driving we've already committed to this summer, the fact that i live so far from my family, that i missed my husband last week & i still haven't recovered...
Really, tho, i should be ashamed of myself. My blessings are beyond comprehension... i'm surrounded by people i love & who amazingly, love me. Summer is here... just shy... & money is just money...
There's a psalm going through my head... don't know if i can remember the whole thing. i'll give you a nickel if you know the reference...

i will acclaim His majesty,
Shout for joy,
Give glory
Exalt the name of the Lord, Glory to the righteous one.

Kinda gives me a better perspective. Gratitude, Praise, Joy... here i come.

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