Wednesday, December 12, 2007

33 weeks tomorrow. It's a funny crazy thing to be pregnant... This baby is *strong* & as Cai says, "Our baby has the biggest ears in the world"... Gam gave her a weird look when she said that, but she means, every time someone talks to my belly, they get rewarded with a big "thump". I'm feeling a little tired... i've been doing a ton of reading. A new one i hadn't read before called, "adventures in natural childbirth" i thought was cool ~ mostly birth stories, but i find it helpful to read that type of thing & remember what it's like & how i felt & how i may feel again & what i might want to try. i don't know why natural childbirth is such a big deal to me. It amazes me every time i go through it that my body was made to work this way. There's no other pain in the world that is so productive as labour pain. i always feel like i'm on a team with the little one labouring to be born. Every time, during birth, there has come a time where i call out to God & ask for help. It's such a intimate joy, when a baby is born... My last 2 full term births were so silent ~ i think Neil half wondered if i was really in labour. i want that peace during birth again. i want the dim lights & to be the calm mama i was then. i remember when i had Sloanie saying, "is she alive?" after she was born... It had only been 10 and a half months since i had delivered Caleb's little body & it seemed so surreal that i could give birth to a living breathing baby ~ that i could go through the pain without the grief ~.
Truly, i look forward to that joy again.

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Vanessa said...

Paige-you made me cry! I understand what you are saying about natural labour, my last two babies births have been so beautiful!
Wow! 33 weeks already! The time just flies!! Wishing you energy and enjoyment right to the end of this pregnancy, and a wonderful, beautiful birth!


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