Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My friend Jamie gave me the "thinking blogger award". So, i get to give it to 5 people & they're supposed to put the pic on their blog & give it to 5 more people.

So, i give the Thinking Blogger Award to...

1. Melissa ~ who i know has a heart for Jesus & loves to grapple with the tough issues.

2. jen ~ who makes me wish i had her maturity when i was her age...

3. my mom ~ who thinks things through to their logical conclusion.

4. my sister steph ~ who takes after my mom. haha! & who has encouraged me in motherhood more than she knows.

5. my sister jess ~ who has been an inspiration to me. She doesn't update her blog much, but it's her story of learning about her son's epilepsy. She's such an amazing mom.


Jen said...

Thanks for the award!....but what is the thinking blogger award for...and how do I get the pic on mine...

paige said...

Hey jen! My friend Jamie gave it to me... i think it's an award for blogs that make you think:) (you can go check out her blog ~ & see who she gave it to & why ~ she had some cool blogs listed...)
Just click on the award on my blog & then cut & paste it onto yours.


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