Friday, May 4, 2007

i got an email the other day recommending this site with an article written by Janet Smith. i had recently ordered a free copy of her dvd from One More Soul (a catholic group online with whom i agree on so many issues). i haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, & i'm kind of hoping my husband & i can sit down and watch it together... i'm interested to hear what she has to say (putting aside the theological differences between catholics & protestants ~ which i think we can for a debate on contraception).
i was reminded the other night too of how nice it is to have 'give away' resources on hand. i had been talking to another couple about Randy Alcorn & his book 'Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions" came up. They had never heard of it before (or that there was a possibility of the pill causing abortions) ~ so i gave them a copy. They're cheap & so good to have all the info on hand when someone asks. i know you can print them off for free from his website, but sometimes the book is handier & nicer to give to someone (& it's easier on the printer too:)
i bought an extra copy of "Be Fruitful & Multiply" too (it's a Nancy Campbell book ~ Above Rubies). i haven't had the opportunity to lend it out, but if i do & it never gets returned, i'll still have mine. My sister lent me her copy of "Birthing God's Mighty Warriors" (Rachel Scott) & then bought a new copy:) it's a nice way to get books hee hee.
Anyway ~ all 'resources' aside... it's really a heart issue. & you can't force that. Reading a million books won't change somebody's heart. i love that my responsibility is so clear. God wants me to speak truth. He's in charge of hearts... including mine. i pray that He will keep my heart soft & malleable so that He can keep my heart beating in tune with His. i want to be open to correction & teachable. Being a mom is such a great place to practice those qualities He's trying to grow in me.

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mamazee said...

Paige, i printed out her article and it was really well written - i think one of the last pages, though, kind of summed it up. I think protestants like us who eschew birth control take a dim view of NFP as "still trying to control" something that should be God's domain, entering into a partnership with eugenicists, racists, Playboy pornographers, twisted "medical" practitioners, but i think she presented not only NFP as a replacement for "birth control" but as the first step - which i appreciated. I think we have both seen often, how NFP leads the way to an openness to a more "open to life" worldview... i know it's been a few years since we charted... it was a way to keep feeling like we weren't totally going wild, while slowly doing just that :)... I've heard remarks from other QF people saying NFP is just as much taking control as any other non abortifacient birth control, but i don't think that i've seen that it has that effect on couples. I have met some hardcore NFP - one couple had used it their whole marriage and only "tried" twice, and had two children, after more than a decade of use... but more people i know started out with nfp and ended up "letting God plan" their families... Struck me as i write this how strange this would sound to so many ears - Catholic, mainstream protestants, people who are not religious who ask us if we are Mormon or Catholic and don't even realize that there is another voice there for life...swimming against a lot of different currents, but in good company...


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