Friday, July 15, 2016

bring on 40... forgot to press, "publish"

Wednesday, July 13th 2016 ~ My last day in my 30's ~
Breakfast: waffles with Elmer and miss rita, coffee
Lunch: eggs on toast
Supper: hosted a spaghetti party for 31!

i read: nothing. Like, email and texts and a few internet articles including THIS ONE about hospitality!

What's on my mind: i've been stupid excited about all my free beach body t-shirts. i know... it's not deep, but it's happy and it's true.

Played and sang today: oh man, i forgot i'd have to answer this question! The only song i played and sang today was... My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. Sloanie joined in. It was epic.

Missed: Cairo - who was busy from dawn till dusk, but who filled my ears with news of her day & life when she came home late and drove me to get free cobbs bread from the neighbour who had too much at 9:45pm.

i wore: a thick sweater, jeans, thick socks... brrrrrr. Cold this July!
hair: down & plain.

I HOPE MY 30's BRING..... (by their close...)
#one... glory to God... He is my hope & salvation. i hope my 40's bring a closer walk.

*More people. I hope that as God teaches me to be less selfish, He will give me eyes to see the hearts and needs of the people around me... including, but not exclusively my kids.

*More trips, dates, time with Neil... we are just beginning to taste a new season in our marriage as our 30's end & it makes me hungry for more.

*More clear direction from God in the day to day and in the big decisions of life. i have been learning to hear Him and recognize His voice... Keep me soft, Father.

*Does it make me a horrible person if i hope to experience being a gramma this decade? i do...

*It is almost intimidating to realize that at the end of this next decade, i will only have 2 boys finishing off their high school. This seems like an incredible amount of work that will take us from where i am now, to where i will be then. Oh, God, thank you that i love the work... help me work hard and honour my family in my labour!

*In as many ways as possible, i want to grow creatively... i want to be able to look back on my 40's and see myself as a better musician.

IN MY 30's I LEARNED.....
*How to die to self
*How to parent teens
*What it really looks like in marriage when 2 people mutually submit.
*How to open my home to a million teenagers, to feed them and let them in your heart.
*How to ask for help when you have to walk through situations that are too big for you.
*How to let go. How to let go. How to let go.
*How to supplement home education with online schooling. Seeing my weaknesses and finding solutions.
*How to maximize space.
*How important God's Grace is...
*How unimportant most fights are.
*How much i *love* being a wife and mother.
*How to dress like a grown-up... (sort of) 

(My sweet birthday gown from Neil...)  *i *love* Neil.
*How to build a music curriculum.
*How much i love fitness.
*How to accept rejection with grace!

*How i can keep growing when i don't know where & how to focus my energy.
*How to stretch myself
*How to let go, but keep communicating, "You matter to me."
*How to get better reflexes - that my first response will never be offence, but just better understanding...
*i want to begin to learn skills that will take me past this high needs season of motherhood that is wrapping itself up as my littles begin to leave home and create homes of their own. I want to model good things to my littles... i want them to see a woman whose identity is not in the beautiful vocation of motherhood, but is in my citizenship in the Kingdom of God - and that my work for Him extends far beyond the walls of this home into the realm of the eternal... i want them to find me faithful...

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Sara L said...

Happy birthday! Don't forget you wrote a book in your 30's! Kinda a big deal :)


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