Sunday, March 10, 2013

little blessings

All of a sudden i had a burst of gratitude...
i wanna write it down.
i bought a new (to me) washing machine on kijiji - & a little man who looked like a gnome from Narnia came to my house to install it at 9pm on what had been a terrible day. Since then, every so often i have a panicked thought, "LAUNDRY!!" & then there is just the sweetest relief of knowing i now have a nice little machine that works and is all hooked up for me to use... It's a beautiful thing. My husband sounded so relieved on the phone when i told him it was all taken care of.
i am so grateful for a second hand washing machine that is mine all mine.
Now this might sound funny, but i was scrubbing my toilets - and recently i bought new toilet bowl scrubbers... Not the funnest thing to buy... but what a silly pleasure it gives me to clean with a fresh tool that isn't discouragingly used up.
Worth it.
My big sister came for a visit... She brought food and some sweet maternity loaners, fresh smiles and laughs and company on what has been a really long lonely stretch without my husband. It makes me cry to think of all that she brought - and we crammed in an awesome Christian apologetics conference in the 24 hours her & her crew were here - and i gleaned some fresh new ideas for my mind to chew on - and a fresh appreciation for a Father who i love with my heart and soul... and my mind too.
i have so much bread that i can't fit it in my freezer.
i bought a new baby blanket that exactly matches my tiny son's room... and it's impossibly soft... and it made me imagine wrapping him in it... and that was a nice thought to hold onto.
i got 5 pairs of new socks for $5.
Ephraim told me he loved me during his bubble bath.
i'm big enough to enjoy my little belly, but small enough to enjoy it too...
i skipped church - and it was the right thing to do.
i caught ephraim just as he was about to clip a paper clip onto his penis...
My little ones make me laugh and cry and burst and smile all at the same time... they fuel me.
i'm so grateful for gratitude - for that explosive feeling that lets you see the good, and experience the blessings...
Big and little.


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