Friday, February 29, 2008

i'm so tired.
i'm so blessed by this little sweet man who now inhabits our home & my heart, & i thought, i'm just tooooo tired to blog about what i've been reading in the paper. ~ (i think i picked it up yesterday for the first time since giving birth 3 weeks ago)... & then i read my sister's blog this morning & thought, maybe i will just take a minute to write...
The paper the last couple of days has been covering the story of Robert Latimer. i'm sure we all remember him... at least i do... He's the guy who put his 12 year old daughter in his truck & piped in the fumes until she died of carbon monoxide poisoning. He claimed it was a "mercy killing" ~ his daughter had cerebral palsy. He just won day parole, after serving 7 years for her deliberate murder.
The weak and vulnerable are in danger in our country. The elderly, the handicapped, the wee ones yet growing in their mothers' wombs, the teeny homeless embryos created because of their parents desire for children, abandoned and destroyed because there were "too many" created...
Jim Derksen, of the Council of Canadians with Disabilities is quoted in the paper as saying: "If he continued to spread the venomous ideas that life with severe disability is not worth living and that murder is the best option, then I do not know what choice we will have but to enter into the public arena and dispute those ideas."
Each of us has a roll to play. Maybe mine is played out in my home... & not so much in the frontlines ~ Maybe mine is played out on my knees begging God to wake us up ~ to realize what's at stake.
There was a letter to the editor written by Dorothy Chabot, & the last lines of it read: "Canada is swirling just on the outer edge of the whirlpool - and we hardly realize the danger we're in." ~ (in regards to euthanasia, abortion, contraception, embryonic research, test tube babies, cloning... etc...)
It's time to follow the argument to it's logical conclusion. Canada is heading in a very dangerous direction... In the end, who will be deciding whose lives are worth living? Couldn't we just leave all that in God's hands? Couldn't we just allow the One who gave life to take it as well?
Anyway, Steph's post reminded me how much i care. How much i want to take back ground for my children's sake.
Here's hoping i can find my place & be effective in sharing truth.

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