Monday, February 11, 2008


My sweet son has arrived.

Gage Serenus Beselt was born at 9:03 am on Wednesday, Feb. 6th 2008.

He was 8lbs 4.2oz (so much for the teeny baby theory!) & is such a blessing to our family.

Gage means a "pledge or a promise" and Serenus is a latin word meaning "calm".

i wanted to give Gage a latin word for his middle name because Charter has a latin word for his middle name (Pax) & i thought it would be sweet if they matched. i battled this entire pregnancy with anxiety & i thought, how fitting to give him a name meaning calm, since it has been my prayer since i found out he was coming. Funny thing is, *he is* a calm little guy (so far~) ~ he loves to eat and sleep & it sure is cute to see his daddy's face light up when he holds him.

i am so grateful.


Anonymous said...

I so love his name! the meaning as well!! I must admit I did giggle when I read the meaning of his middle name! hehe
Can't wait to meet him!
Give me a call when you are feeling up to visitors!!

Jamie said...

Oh Paige!!! Congratulations!!!! He is absolutely beautiful! I LOVE his name and the meaning too! I'm so happy for ya!!! Gives me more hope for this one for me... CONGRATS!!!

Treasured Grace said...

Congrats on your sweet little man. He is so precious.
Keep the pictures coming.

Melissa said...

*dreamy sigh*

Bliss indeed. :)

Congrats again, Paige!!

Jen said...

I love the pic of you & him. So sweet.

Melissa said...



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