Thursday, June 7, 2007

Today is my little man's 5th birthday.

It was cute, as we were preparing some of his favourite foods (potato casserole & turkey with stuffing...) my 6yodd looked at me sadly & said, "momma, when i'm a mom, my husband will have to do all the cooking." i looked at her & said, "Why? Don't you want to do it?" & she said, "Yeah. But i don't know how."

We laughed & i told her that she'll learn by the time she leaves my house how to cook & bake & she will be a great wife and mother:)

Cai made muffins yesterday all by herself. She forgot the sugar, so they were super healthy too! Hee hee. Oatmeal berry. The other littles gobbled all 3 dozen of them with jam, so they can't have suffered too much.

The "3 bigs" (as my 3 oldest girls call themselves) made breakfast in bed for Charter. Mollen got breakfast in bed too because Charter needed someone to keep him company as he was banned from coming downstairs as the "3 bigs" decorated. My main floor is prettily decorated with balloons & streamers in anticipation of our birthday dinner tonight. i invited my cousin whose son Charter greatly admires, so that's a little surprise for him 'cause he doesn't know they're coming.

The years are flying & i find myself staring at their little faces trying to memorize expressions, mannerisms, childish wording... & time is just going too fast & they're getting so big.


i love this job.


Melissa said...

hi paige -

i miss you. some days i need a girlfriend, and i find myself falling short. nobody around here can talk about babies and toddlers and pregnancy with the respect, humility, enthusiasm, and passion that you do. i miss that.

just wanted you to know that you're loved and missed, even from way up here in li'l old sherwood forest!

hugs to you - i pray you are doing well. drop a line sometime if you get a free moment or two - i'd love to know how you are.


Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

hee hee - for some reason, my first comment double-posted, so i deleted the copy, only to find it still leaves a crumb of evidence, so i thought i should explain why i deleted a post... :)


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