Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday, July 13th 2006 ~ My last day in my 20's ~
Breakfast: Toast, avocado, coffee
Lunch: Mr. Noodles (Cai cooked) toast (Sloan cooked) OJ (Peyton cooked!)
Supper: pb&j sandwich (hey, Neil's out of town)

i read: The Tale of Despereaux (half last night, half today)
3 chapters of Anne of the Island to the big girls (Cai read 1)
Lots of email
Some psalms & the story of the persistent widow (Luke 18)
(This week i read "underground to Canada" & "Voyage of Hope ~ the saga of the brideships"

What's on my mind: Becky M., heaven, babies, children, missing Cai and Sloan when they go to fiddle camp this week... having too much company, are we gonna move again? Can i pull this off? Be a real homeschooling mom?

Played and sang today: "my cry" ~ by me
"blessed be your name, in the land that is plentiful"...
"stuck in a moment" U2

~ missed Neil... who will be home sometime after midnight ~

i wore: a sundress ~ plaid ~ from Old Navy
hair: in barrettes

I HOPE MY 30's BRING..... (by their close...)
#one... glory to God... He is my hope & salvation... i hope my 30's bring a closer walk...

*more homeschooling
* happiness & love in my marriage...
*less selfishness
*one daughter into womanhood! (Cai will be 20!)
*two daughters finished highschool! (Sloan will be 18)
*my tiny Mollen into double digits! (She'll be 12)
*Peyton will be sixteen!
*Charter will probably be bigger than me (at 14).
*Oh, God, i'm scared to hope, but i yearn for my 30's to bring me another child.
*i want to be a better mom.

IN MY 20's I LEARNED.....
*How to die to self
*How to be a mom
*How to be a wife
*How to cook, clean, organize, do laundry & run a household.
*How to grieve... how it really feels ~ to grieve...
*How to give birth, & breastfeed... & breastfeed... & breastfeed
*How to "run" a homeschool!
*How to pack up & move a whole household... again, and again, and again...
*How important God's Grace is...
*How unimportant most fights are.
*How much i *love* being a wife & momma~
*How to dress like a grown-up... (sort of)
*i *love* Neil.
*How to put together a website.
*That i don't know much... but i want to... & i'm willing to do something about it.
*Your children can surpass your wildest hopes and expectations...

*How to impact this world & take back ground our parents lost... for the sake of my children who will battle this darkness after i'm gone.
*How to FIGHT against what i know to be wrong ~
*and how to EMBRACE love... above all to love, Love like Jesus, "do unto others"...
*How to homeschool successfully through highschool.
*i want to know more about the environment & good nutrition & exercise... to pass on good habits to my littles.
*How to teach my girls all i learned in my 20's (!) (maybe not all, but LOTS)
*Miracles happen, hearts soften...
*Neil loves me...
*How to let my babies go...
*How will we do this dating thing??
*More about prayer and fasting...
*How to find a schedule that i can actually do.
*How to get up earlier in the morning.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Hi Paige!

I miss your blogging! I loved this well as all the others. You're an inspiration!

So what's the latest scoop on "the move"? Are you moving? Why? Where?

I'm a blogger now, too - - if you're interested!! Lots of pics of my kiddlywinks on there!

I hope you're well - I miss you! If you're not moving anytime soon, and if you're dying for some familiar faces, I'll bring the munchies and come visit for a couple of days!! I'm not sure that would constitute a *break* for either one of us, but it sure would be fun!

(I just realized that I used exclamation marks on every single sentence in this comment...yeesh...)

Love you!


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