Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Ugh, i'm so tired, but these things keep coming to me. i want so badly to do what is right even if i have to put a microscope to my life.
All of a sudden, i'm thinking about our mutual funds, and where they're invested and i'm wondering, are *they* helping with embryonic stem cell research? Are they supporting experimentation on aborted fetal tissue? Or on marketing the RU 486 pill?? So i called the guy who invests our $$ and he said that we *are* invested in pharmaceutical companies and there's no way to know that we are not investing in these things. i told him to pull all our money from any pharmaceutical companies and that Neil fully supported me. There was a big pause and he said he'll try to find out where to put it and he'd call me back. He said "ethical" funds won't cut it either because it's technically not unethical to do these things. *sigh*.

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