Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Mr. Knight,
i am a stay at home mom living in Sexsmith, Alberta. i wanted to write you a note on a topic that is very important to me and to many other Albertans across the province. i was recently reading the results of a poll taken among Albertans about legal protection for the unborn that you may or may not have read. The results of the poll are available at this site: http://www.lifecanada.org/. There was so much information there that i think would be useful to someone in your positions who is trying to help good decisions to be made. i had also read recently, that Mr. Klein has unveiled plans for the Third Way of health care. To me, Mr. Knight, it's not an issue to have more dollars in our pockets at the end of the day, but i find it horrifying that the abortions that are taking place in this province *daily* are funded by my husband's tax dollars. We have worked hard to be able to live on one income so that i can stay home and care for our children. To have our tax dollars funding something that is morally abhorrent to us puts us in a painful position. Please help deinsure non-medically necessary abortions in Alberta. What we're asking for here is such a small thing. i'm not even asking for a complete ban on abortions, or for a law against abortions, but don't force tax payers to go against their consciences by paying taxes to fund a procedure that destroys human life. Most Albertans agree with me, Mr. Knight. Those that don't would have the freedom to donate their own dollars to funding abortion clinics if they chose to. Mr. Knight, the information that i read stated that if non-medically necessary abortions were deinsured that it would save the tax funded system a minimum of $8 million dollars a year. That's an awful lot of non-medically necessary abortions, don't you think? In a perfect world, parents would be willing to die to save their young. Instead, we live in a culture that kills it's young for convenience.
God save us.


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