Saturday, January 25, 2014

5 minute Friday - visit

Sloan is participating in 5 minute Fridays, hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker, so I decided to join her today. 5 minutes is just a teeny tiny snippet of time.  Today's word was *visit*.


It was probably the most volatile season in my whole life. Poor Neil was unable to be the older woman i needed - and he watched me ache; needing, and him unable to fill the void.
She called me up one day and asked me to coffee. i was scared to go because she didn't know me very well, and now she had caught me in this season where i was so undone and i wondered what she would think of me in my confused, hurting state. i was afraid to trust her. i'm not usually afraid to trust, but circumstances had shaken a lot of what i thought i knew - and it made me nervous to reveal myself to her.
But i did.
i prayed about it first... and then i took a deep breath and lifted the cover off of the ugliness that was happening in my life - and i invited her... hesitatingly... apologetically... in.
In she came.
She was like sun and wind and rain all at once.
She took a broom and swept away untruths that had been spoken over me. She prayed for me, checked on me, visited me in my grief...
She proved trustworthy.
And so at the word, visit... i think of her - sweeping into chaos and speaking truth and loving with macaroni and cheese casseroles. Full of confidence in God's word and ready to seek His promises to proclaim over my life.
Others should be so lucky as to experience a visitor like her...



**** April **** said...

THIS is beautiful! I had this very thing happen with a woman named Mary from my MOPS group... fills you with a humbleness to know you're loved and prayed for... and that you matter even in the moments when you don't feel worthy... <3 people like this!

Nickolee Roberts said...

stopping in from FMF - beautifully written!

lovefam6 said...

This totally made my tear up. I am so happy that you experienced this beautiful oasis in the desert. May He continue to provide more living water for your beautiful unquenchable thirst for more of Him whether it be vertically with Him, or horizontally Him through others.


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