Saturday, October 20, 2012

family portrait

We were driving down the highway.
Just me and softie.
"Boanie, you be the dj. Put on Family Portrait first..."
"It's so sad..."
"i know... i just want to hear it..."
And i do - but it makes me cry 'cause why, when i think i've got this whole thing figured out do i find that there's a whole 'nother layer to grief that i didn't know about till now? And i almost ask her to turn it off, this song about a broken family, but instead i remember myself in platinum braids with my gap toothed smile. Puffed sleeves and a bow tied at my neck. Little girl full of confidence who disappeared...
Where did i go?
Just when the mournful song ends, i see sloanie faithfully putting on the next. It's a song of homecoming - of being found - of discovering truth and putting wrongs to right; the broken restored. There will be no sloughing of dj duties in our little car...
Her sharp eyes shine at her mama...
"i like this one."
"i do too."

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