Friday, September 28, 2012

seven quick takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 189)

1. i *do* have at least one more draft for my series i've been doing this past week... i should have fleshed it out a little more what i wanted to write before i started, but instead i just jumped in.

2. i've been crazy busy this past little while. The travellin' man has been gone a lot, school has been rockin' along, 40 Days for Life has required some sacrifices, we've had some fun company - & life has been so very full and good. That's probably why i haven't finished the series referred to in #1... but i think i will... at least i will try... It's on my mind.

3. i have a kind of a "mentor"... It's not what you think. i don't really know how it happened, but there she is. i can show up at her door - and even cry if i need to. She texts me and prays for me, and offers perspective when i feel like i have none left. 
She texts me last night:
"How are you?"
"Crazy. My (awesome) mother in law is here. My house looks like someone ransacked it and emptied a vacuum canister everywhere. Sloan failed her learners test for the second time, Cai turned 16, Gage lost a tooth and Neil comes home late tonight and i might weep while singing hallelujah. :)"
"Uh oh."
And then she sent me a video of herself dancing gangam style.

4. So Cai really did turn 16. Sixteen.

5. i keep thinking, "tomorrow, i'll get it back together - all these threads of life that are jumping up and running away on me..." but then i never seem to be able to quite catch them all. i missed a very important meeting last night because i forgot about it. i HATE when people do that - it's so rude to miss meetings... but i did. Bah.

6. i'm pretty sure we're going to finish reading the entire bible this year. It will have taken us about two and a half years to read it out loud together as a family. We still have a few tough books to work through (numbers, jeremiah - just to name two) - and even though we've been reading it all these many (16) years of parenthood, it was fun to keep track and make sure we covered the whole thing instead of just jumping around on whims.

7.  i can't believe September is almost over. i know... so cliche to talk about how time moves so quickly. i don't care. i've been having some good talks with a couple of my kids lately about taking advantage of each moment, pulling up our bootstraps and accomplishing MUCH. i needed those talks as much as they did. i can tend to get paralyzed a little bit when i'm intimidated... (like: i'm speaking at my kids' youth group tonight and at another church and youth group on Sunday)... These things make me feel like i can't do laundry or wash floors because *i can't move*. Why is that? Time is short, paige... wash the dang floors and then do the next thing.


Tanya is my display name said...

One of my favorite memories with you is going to your youth group in Kelowna. By looking at the pictures of Cairo she reminds me so much of you . You will do great tonight. You are humble, loving and funny. What could be a better combination then that? Love you cousin.

Tanya is my display name said...
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Joy said...

Happy Birthday to Cairo and sympathies to Sloan.

I love your last line ~ this has become my new approach when completely overwhelmed; focus on doing one thing ~ and then do the next.

Anonymous said...

Wow ..the part about being overwhelmed....same here..i am worried about something so I can't clean. I know people who have spotless houses when they are can tell by their house how they feel...i would however just hang with my kids in the the net for homeschooling stuff...not an awful alternative..just there are no spoons for the ice cream later...that's why we have cones right:)



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