Sunday, August 31, 2008

On fatherhood.
There's a nip in the air. It's the last day of August & it still seems too soon for there to be that familiar chill, but there it is. This Saturday, we went to the pool, in lieu of our summertime outdoor fun. Last year, we accidentally went to a special "family day" at the pool & won a prize for the largest family in attendance ~ including a $20 gift certificate for the little eatery they have in the rec center. Neil decided since it was a drizzly day & we had errands to run after swimming, that we'd stop & use our certificate to get some munchies. The kids loved it ~ all sitting at one little table, while Neil & i sat with Gage at a table to ourselves. We were done & just visiting & playing with the baby. Neil was holding Gage & just tickling him & nuzzling his nose into his chubby little neck when i noticed a teenage boy ~ maybe 15? who was walking by. He stopped dead in his tracks & turned & stared at Neil & Gage. Neil didn't notice, but i couldn't help it as he was standing maybe 6 feet from us. i saw a look on his face that i can only describe as *hungry*. Eventually, he pulled himself away & sat at the farthest table from us ~ but still keeping his eyes on Father & Son.
Maybe it was my imagination.
Maybe i read something into the situation that wasn't there...
But it seemed to me in that moment that that big boy with messy red hair, dressed all in black ~ thought my sweet little cherub baby boy was lucky.
& he is.
i want to pray for fathers ~ that their hearts would be softened towards their children. God, give them eyes to see, ears to hear ~ & hearts that love.
My mom once said to me something to the effect that we need to be praying for the daddies as they're the ones who are "interfacing with the world on our behalf". i think this is so true ~ especially as i get to be a stay at home, homeschooling mom ~ & Neil's the one who gets teased about his big family & who has to worry about the fact that if we ever have another one, we'll have to buy a bigger vehicle, & where do all the dollars & cents go at the end of the month? Maybe all that 'interfacing' is too much for some men & that's why fatherlessness is one of the biggest challenges facing children today.
i am so grateful for my good man.


Melissa said...

Oh, Paige -

Your littles *are* blessed. I experienced something similar a couple of months back as I watched a Daddy dance (and be proud of) his graduating daughter (home-schooled)... and I felt the same sense of hunger/sorrow as that boy did. A sense of sadness swept over me, realizing that even though I can never get back what I didn't have in the first place, that there now are SO many little girls and guys who don't have a loving Father... made me realize how blessed my boys are with Graeme. Made me hunger for my Heavenly Father in a new way, urgent with pleas for the fatherless homes...

Thanks for sharing this, Paige! What a sweet story.

Melissa said...

P -

Can I quote this post on my blog, too?

paige said...

o'course :)

Mindy said...

Thanks for the reminder. It's easy for me to take for granted the fact that my kids have a wonderful, involved dad...but that is certainly not the case for everyone.

mamazee said...

my heart did a little drop, reading this story.
you are right, there is such a hunger for a mom or a dad who has time for a child, for relationship, and real respect and enjoyment of each other.
i do feel blessed to have T as a daddy to my littles, and as a husband to me - and i love the phrase "interfacing with the world on our behalf" - so much of our ministry as a family happens through Travis' silent witness to the rightness, the goodness, and the beauty of a family. And i need to encourage him in well doing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I could totally feel that kids hunger and now I'm gotta love the preggo hormones..sniff. thanks for sharing Paige...we so DO need to pray for our men!


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