Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Here are 2 of my favourite baby carriers. i feel like i've always got one or the other tied on. i'm so glad Gage is a snuggly baby & so content to be breathing his yummy breath on my neck.

Tonight is awana. i feel like such a horrible person, but i love awana nights. Neil & i can take the 2 littlest ones & wander around the grocery store & get what we need... Awana gives me a chance to breathe & visit with Neil with less interruptions. & then there's all the positives for the littles ~ they're making some pretty nice little friends & they're learning their bibles ~ Seems like a winning situation for all of us.


kesmom said...

I love Awana nights too :)
You look awesome Paige... and Gage looks so sweet all snuggled up with his mama.


Treasured Grace said...

I have a wrap similar to the bottom pic. What is the top one? It looks cozy too. Congrats on your sweet babe

paige said...

The top one is a mai tai babyhawk. It was my big splurge, but it is really cozy & i use it a lot.

Christine said...

Oh your carriers are awesome! Your little guy is so cute snuggled close to you!Blessings!


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