Monday, January 8, 2007

Oh, i'm so pathetic... it's been so long since i posted on my blog that i forgot my password etc...
SO, i just felt like writing today... i sort of feel like i'm not allowed to write something if it's not a controversial prolife blip... Not that a lot hasn't been happening on that front. It has. The things i've been reading in the paper lately are enough to keep me crying... There was an article in the National Post this week about *more* fetal tests... & ethicists being worried that it will lead to more abortions. I just think that when we are willing vessels to bring life into this world, who are we to decide after that point which ones should live or die? Say a mom is pregnant with a child with Downs Syndrome & she decides that she's too young, too important, too busy, too ... um... perfect? to accept from God a child with a disability, so she has an abortion... Now say there's another mom, & fetal tests show no markers for any disability... but say that weeks or months after the "perfect" child's birth, there's an accident & all of a sudden, the baby that was actually 'good enough' in the womb becomes a burden. If we're lobbying for death for the unborn because they've been deemed by a murderous lot to be a burden on society, how long until infanticide becomes the attractive option for mothers who are unwilling to be selfless ~ flawed
;) vessels that are blessed to be used of God to bring little ones into this world?
Gotta go, 's bedtime

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Jen said...

well it's about time you updated! I always love hearing from you!


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