Monday, April 17, 2006

"borrowing" letters to save time ... i just added on a greeting (this) and sent my 'letter to Ralph Klein' to my MP.
Hi, Chris!
i've been meaning to write you a note since you got elected, but haven't had a chance. Congratulations on your victory. i am a stay at home mom in Sexsmith and i wanted to write you a note to let you know that our family as well as many other families in your constituency support the Choice in Childcare proposal.
i am attaching a letter i recently wrote to Premier Ralph Klein on the subject of publicly funded day care ~ or daycare subsidies. I'm not a big believer in daycare, and when i heard that Stephen Harper was introducing a proposal to allow parents to choose how to spend their childcare money and that parents could use it to stay home, i was greatly heartened. Already over the years, we have been penalized by a tax system that does not recognize the value of the stay at home parent, and when the government was going to take another chunk of our tax dollars to fund yet another program that is offensive to us, it was depressing. This is one way that you could use taxpayers money to make it easier for moms to choose to stay home.
Thank you for considering my letter.
paige beselt

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